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May 14, 7 - 9 pm

Sedona Creative Life Center

With Guest Poet and 2008 World Slam Champion, Ed Mabrey

Tickets available at Crystal Magic, Sedona Fit and Sedona Creative Life Center. $12 advance. $15 the night of the show. Advance tickets recommended. Sure to sell out.



"Everyone I have spoken to was completely smitten with the performances. There were people who chose to come back to see you perform a second time because they were so moved. I am confident that your three day visit has planted seeds that will firmly take root and inspire people in this community to rethink their responsibility in tackling many of the social issues your group address in your performance. Several groups have already talked about the desire to have you come back.

On a personal note I was deeply moved by each person's ability to demonstrate the power of healing our emotional wounds both individually and collectively through speaking one's truth in a heart centered and non judgmental way. It was nothing short of beautiful. I believe that over the course of the three nights you were here many people were given a gift of healing that will change their lives forever if only through shifts in they way they perceive themselves and others."

Tracey Hartnett BHSc RSW, Coordinator
Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Program

As an organizer of the Vagina Monologues, a survivor, and someone committed to a cause, I am in love with the idea of the MENding Monologues! It is already a wonderful thing to get so many women, including survivors to stand up and talk about this issue and fight for it, but to get men really thinking about it, is so unselfish and admirable and a true step in stopping it that it makes my heart skip a beat at the thought of showing your play and hopefully inspiring more men to think the way you do. Thank you for this, and I hope that it spreads like a wildfire, just as VagMo has!



"Hearing men’s views and stories, was refreshing, even in their own darkness. I have my own story. Knowing you're not alone helps more than any one person or words could ever describe. I knew the few dollars I spent to attend was to help truly victimized women, but after leaving, I realized it was well spent on myself, as well. I'm unbelievably thankful for the awareness this work offers. Everyone that is and has been a part of it, represent a hope and encouragement."

Christina K.


"I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary experience of being at your performance last night. I was deeply touched by all the stories and everyone in the cast. So many tears and so much laughter all at once. I salute the great courage of all of you to expose and share your stories and your healing. I felt you expressed the very essence of theatre where in presenting the story the healing can happen both in the watcher and the watched, both the performers and the audience."

Jesse S.

"I just wanted to say that I LOVED the MENding Project the other night. That was so cool how many people came! Everyone loved it. It just kept getting better and better. So glad you are doing this! You really stepped up, it's awesome!"

Lori R.

"I wasn't kidding the other night, after the performance, when I said "there are no words. I am actually stumbling for words here because they don't seem adequate enough. Some of the pieces just struck a very deep cord in me and brought even more to surface of some of the things I am dealing with. I thank you."



The Cast...

Derek Dujardin is the executive director, co-producer and founder of The MENding.

Derek is active in empowering men to become better husbands, fathers and leaders through the transformative power of authenticity, vulnerabillity and storytelling. When he isn’t inspiring healing through this work, he is an advertising creative director, sketch comedy writer, improv performer and keynote speaker. His pieces include For Linda, Tantra, Eroganous Zones, and R U My 2:15? Checkout his blog and see his guest commentary at V-Day.org.

Book him as speaker at your next college or conference event.

Do you want Derek Dujardin to speak at your event and perform a few highlights from the show? Do you have a cause that you think The MENding Monologues would be a good fit? Great! Email us with the date of your event and all other pertinent information. We are filling our 20111 season now and expect to book up quickly.

“Derek Dujardin is one funny, powerful and original speaker, delivering fresh insights and new vitality to both men and women’s movements. Make sure he is on your short list of MUST BOOK speakers.” 

                             Lori Rubenstein, Legal Advocate for Verde Valley Women's Shelter

  1. Bonnie pic

Bonnie Green is the assistant director, producer and business manager of The MENding.

Bonnie studied both Theater and Broadcast Journalism at Indiana University.  The MENding provided the perfect outlet for her passion and gifts as both an actress and writer, where the “Path to Worthiness” was born.  From the MENding, Bonnie was inspired to create a one-day workshop for high-school girls called the “Beauty in Imperfection” where girls learn to love and accept their bodies. They overcome self-limiting beliefs and gain a strong sense of self-love and recognize their own unique inner beauty.  By day, Bonnie works as the National Account Manager for Gaia Herbs, servicing Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe Nationally.

Dev Galloway

Dev Galloway is an actor and acting coach for the The MENding.

Dev began performing in Alaska after tour of duty with the U.S. Airforce. Dev ventured "outside" to study acting in Los Angeles with Janet Alhanti, ACT in San Francisco, and The Neighborhood Playhouse (Meisner) in New York City. Dev performs "Love, Mom.", "To Whom It May Concern", "Bath Love" and "Who Are You?". When not performing, he helps coach and polish our cast to perform their best.

Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper is a performer in the The MENding.

Laura is a writer, actor and tennis instructor. She studied theatre and film in Los Angeles for six years before joining The MENding Monologues. Her most value roles have been Abby in Fiction, Babe in Crimes of the Heart, May in Fool for Love and as herself in The MENding.


Paul Lawarence Curtis is a performer in the The MENding.

Paul is a visionary artist, writer and actor. He is currently working on novel based on his 24 paintings "Embraced by the Goddess" that took him 12 years to create

Ed Mabrey

Ed Mabrey is a guest poet who performs with The MENding and is available upon request for an additional fee.

Ed was the Individual World Poetry Slam Champion 2007/2008. His books and CDs are available at www.BlackPearlPoetry.net and can be reached by edmabrey@gmail.com.

Check out his poems from our Northern Arizona University MENding show.

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