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Make a $25 donation and get a FREE MENding Monologues® DVD.

Few men are doing this kind of work. And no one is doing it with our level of passion or quality of experience. Please support our efforts to get The MENding Monologues staged in every community throughout the country and help us involve more men in stopping violence towards women and girls.

Not sure whether you should purchase the script or the DVD? We recommend obtaining the script and DVD together. There are several monologues, poems and sketches on the DVDs that aren’t in the script. Moreover, there at least ten or more new works available on the script.

Also, feel free to donate to our organization just because it feels good! We’re in the process of filing for federal tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3). Your donation can help us offset the costs of doing shows so we can donate more of our proceeds and support more organizations.  We are also happy to apply any artistic grants that would fit our mandate.

* Please note the script will be delivered to you electronically as a PDF. However, it can only be used for review and teaching purposes, not for staged public productions. To purchase the rights to stage a MENding Monologues production requires fee of $200 and express written permission from Derek Dujardin.  Please Contact Us for more details.