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1. Guest lecture and performance with MENding Monologues creator Derek Dujardin.

Based on his show and the lessons learned from helping men to speak out against gender violence, Mr. Dujardin has developed The Masculine Advocate: How To Empower Guys To Win The War on Gender Violence. Part lecture, part theatrical performance, The Masculine Advocate is designed for students, activists, counselors and academics interested in helping motivate men towards gender advocacy. Time permitting, Mr. Dujardin can also conduct a free one-hour, mens-only workshop using the 2011 V-MEN presentation prior to his speaking engagements. Click to learn more about the Masculine Advocate.

COST: Mr. Dujardin’s speaking fee is $900, plus travel and lodging. For budgeting purposes, typical travel and lodging stipends are estimated* at around $700.

2. Use the MENding Monologues Script for staging your own show.

For colleges and communities who wish to stage their own version of  The MENding Monologues, we provide our script for a flat royalty fee of $200, covering up to five public performances.  Moreover, the script allows for local writers, poets and activists to write, perform and add their own pieces to the scripted material. The only caveat is the material must be in alignment with The MENding’s mission of stopping gender violence. The 2011 Script contains 25 monologues and comedic sketches, as well as direction for creating new works generated from the community. COST: $200. To learn more about staging your own show or using our script, visit Do A Show!

4. The MENding “Dialogues” Writing Workshop.

This healing, one or two-day workshop is designed for both men and women. Through story circles and writing exercises, participants look into their personal history to “find the gift next to the wound.” Led by Derek Dujardin and veteran MENding performers, this workshop is often used as a springboard for a community MENding Monologues’ production. Moreover, the process and facilitation is flexible to accommodate different groups, issues and training objectives. The Workshop is often combined with The MENding Monologues show or with Mr. Dujardin’s guest lecture. COST: Varies upon needs, number of days and group size. Please ask for quote. To learn more, visit The MENding Dialogues Writing Workshop page.

For bookings, please contact Derek Dujardin at 602-481-6188 or email

* Estimates can vary greatly based on destination, hotel costs, travel distance and time of year. Book early.