Actor Alan Arkin gets to see The MENding Monologues

Alan Arkin gets to watch part of The MENding Monologues.

Talk about a tough room. Bonnie Green and I did a private, mini version of the MENding Monologues for Academy-Award Winning Actor Alan Arkin and his wife Suzanne. To add  a little pressure to the evening, one of other people in the room was Bonnie’s high school drama teacher, Bob Johnson.

Bonnie did “Dr. Doris Vaginski” and “Path To Worthiness”, while I performed “Tantra.”

Alan gave us both great notes on our pieces on what to improve. After all, Bonnie I have been self directed for the past year and half, so getting a little coaching can’t hurt. So, what was the verdict? Mr. Arkin said he liked the pieces and told us this was important and brave work.

I’ll take that.


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